Adventures in Imperfect Living Podcast

My pick this week is a podcast that helped inspire me to write this blog, and inspired me to be so open with this particular post. Adventures in Imperfect Living is a weekly podcast produced by Greg and Jennifer Willits. Greg and Jennifer originally started podcasting before podcasting was cool, with the Rosary Army Podcast. Then, they had a show on Catholic Radio called The Catholics Next Door. After that show ended, they continued releasing Catholics Next Door podcast episodes, until they eventually renamed their show Adventures in Imperfect Living.

So with that brief history lesson out of the way, what is the show about? Greg and Jennifer are a Catholic couple living in Indiana. They talk about their faith, their marriage, their kids, what they do for fun - life, the universe, and everything! (Actually, I think they use the phrase "life, family, and ridiculousness.") One of the things I really admire about them is their honesty. If one of them is struggling with prayer, or is upset with God, they will express that on the show. They don't sugarcoat things to sound more pious or holy. The show gives a very real look at what it means to live your faith.

One of the things that Greg and Jennifer were open about is the miscarriages they have experienced. The day after Lucy was born - the day I held her perfect little body in my hand, I reached out to Greg, and asked him if he knew of any resources for parents going through miscarriage. Within minutes, he had responded to my email, asked for my phone number, and scheduled a phone call with me. I was completely blown away that someone who barely knew me would just drop everything like that to help me out.

Greg and Jennifer are the real deal. They aren't just putting on a show; they really are living out the Gospel, and sharing it with those around them. They don't claim to be perfect (those with keen eyes will notice that the word "imperfect" can be found in the middle of their title), but I believe the Holy Spirit is working through them and the work they do. You can find out more at their website,


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