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Guest Contributer Sara Bailey: The Two Steps to Sleeping Well After Losing Someone

Photo via Pexels Loss of sleep after losing a loved one is a sadly common phenomenon. According to What’s Your Grief, there can be various reasons for this, from intrusive thoughts of survivor’s guilt to nightmares (and the fear of having them) and symptoms of depression and anxiety.   It may not feel like the most important thing in your life at the moment, but getting enough high-quality sleep should be a focus. Lack of sleep will make you feel tired and worsen the negative emotions you are feeling, but it can also have more serious long-term consequences . In order to get back into a healthy sleeping pattern, you will need to consider the issues present in your internal and external environment that may be keeping you awake, The Internal Environment First, you need to address the internal causes for your lack of sleep, whether they be mental or physical. In other words, you need to take proactive steps to wind your mind and body down in the hours before bed. While you can