Catholic in a Small Town Podcast

Catholic in a Small Town is a podcast about a Catholic couple - Mac and Katherine Barron - raising kids and living out their faith in a small, south Georgia town. They talk about the goings on in their family and in their town, the movies and TV shows they are watching, and how they strive to live out their Catholic faith. I've been listening to this show for years, and it's always entertaining. Mac and Katherine bring humor, charm, and sincerity to this almost-weekly show.

This is one of my favorite Catholic podcasts. Also, if you listen to Adventures in Imperfect Living and Just a Catholic Dad, the hosts are all friends, so you'll hear them referenced (or leaving feedback) on each other's shows. Kind of like how the Hulk might show up in a Thor movie, or how the Flash might show up on Arrow. That's right - Mac and Katherine are podcasting superheroes.

You can download episodes by searching for Catholic in a Small Town on iTunes or your podcast catcher of choice, and find out more at their website, here.


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