Geek Out Loud Podcast

Geek Out Loud is a podcast - well, I say podcast, but it's really more like a podcasting empire - run by a man named Steve Glosson. I originally heard Steve on several episodes of the Forcecast (now Rebel Force Radio). I liked his perspective, and his sense of humor, so I decided to give his show a try. I found his very first episode of Geek Out Loud, caught up to his current episodes, and have been listening ever since.

As I said, it's a podcasting empire, made up of several shows. Collectively, the shows are referred to as the GOLiverse (where GOL stands for Geek Out Loud). The main show is Geek Out Loud. Steve talks about pretty much all things geek - Star Wars, Marvel, DC, movies, books, comic books, collectibles. And he always strives to bring a positive attitude. It's a welcome escape from all of the bashing you see elsewhere on the internet.

He also has Disney Vault Talk, where he and his co-host Teresa Delgado go through the Disney animated movies one by one and discuss them. (They're almost caught up to the present day, so I think they're moving on to Pixar next.)

Steve and Teresa started a spin-off podcast from Disney Vault Talk called Rebel Yell, where they discuss the Disney XD animated show Star Wars Rebels.

Round 3 is a shorter podcast in which Steve and two of his friends, Derek and Sheena, will discuss 3 topics, and occasionally have trivia competitions with each other. This one is one of the funniest shows in the GOLiverse.

There are a couple of other shows that I don't listen to as regularly, since I'm not as interested in the subject matter. But when I do listen, they're still entertaining. Mark Out Loud is about professional wrestling. Rock Out Loud is about classic rock. And Mile High Tundra is about NFL, specifically the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers.

You can find episodes and more information about Geek Out Loud at their website, Steve also blogs occasionally at


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