Have Yourself a Geeky Catholic Advent

It can be easy to get caught up with all the planning required for Christmas (buying gifts for everyone, preparing to host family members, hosting and attending Christmas parties, etc.), and forget about the planning we should really be doing in Advent. Namely, planning for the coming of Christ. To Christians, Advent is not just about getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago. We are preparing for Jesus to come again at the end of time, and we are preparing to welcome Him more fully into our lives now.

I am putting together a list of short reflections on the Gospel readings for each day of Advent, with a geeky twist. Each reflection will also have a quote from some geeky book, movie, or TV show, that relates in some way to the Gospel reading for that day.

I'm no theologian or mystic, so don't expect some profound revelation every day. My hope is that these daily posts will provide a reminder - either in your Facebook feed or your email inbox - to take a moment and make sure you're preparing for the coming of Christ, and not just the coming of Christmas.

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