Geeky Catholic Sunday: The First Sunday of Lent 2019

Gospel Reading: Luke 4:1-13

Highlight: "When the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from him for a time."

Reflection:  Try as we might to live a life of holiness, we will inevitably be tempted to sin. Even if we are able to resist at first, it seems like the trials will never end. And we only have so much willpower, right? The first problem with this approach is thinking that we have the power to resist temptation on our own. But the other thing to consider is that these trials come in waves. They don't last forever. The devil wants us to think that our two choices are succumbing to temptation right now, or white-knuckling it for the rest of our lives. But all we have to do is pray for the grace to make it through that one trial. We just need to take it one temptation at a time, like Jesus did. And if we fall (which, since we are human, will happen from time to time) we go to confession, ask forgiveness, and try to make it through the next temptation (with God's grace, of course).

Geeky Quote: "Just hold them off for a few seconds..." - Garven Dreis (Red Leader), Star Wars: A New Hope

Prayer: Jesus, always give me the strength to resist temptation, and keep me from despair. Amen.

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