Geeky Catholic Advent: The Third Sunday of Advent 2018

Gospel Reading: Luke 3:10-18

Highlight: "Now the people were filled with expectation, and all were asking in their hearts whether John might be the Christ."

Reflection: Sometimes we get so impatient with waiting, that we mistake the thing in front of us with the thing we're waiting for. The disciples of John the Baptist made that mistake 2000 years ago. In what ways do we make that mistake today? Sometimes we try to skip over Advent, and start celebrating Christmas early. Sometimes, we treat the warm fuzzy feelings that sometimes accompany prayer or good deeds as our ultimate goal, instead of communion with Christ. We have to be patient, and set our sights on the true goal, so that we do not mistake the goods of this life with our ultimate destiny.

Geeky Quote: "I'm waiting!" - Vizzini, The Princess Bride

Prayer: Lord, it can be so hard to wait for the good things You have promised me. Help me to enjoy the good things in this life, but do not let those things blind me to the infinite good of an eternity in Your presence. Amen.

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